Dog-Walk & Studio / Photo-shoot

The Morning / Afternoon Of The Shoot

Please arrive no later than the agreed time. The different locations/backdrops of the session have been purposefully chosen to work with the position of the sun, so if we start late, we will not only miss the sunrise /sunset, but the rest of the shoot won’t be as ideal as it can be. The beautifully saturated colors of the golden hour only last 15 minutes or so and we need time to acclimatize your dog to the camera and flash. I like to encourage sunrise sessions where timing allows – whilst I know it’s tough to get up early, it’s not only the best time photographically in terms of light and color, but also there are less distractions around for your dog at this time.


We go through a lot of treats during a typical photo shoot “when needed” so I strongly advise against feeding your dog prior to the session. Please bring some peanut butter and a selection of your dog’s favorite treats. I will bring some liver treats, but it’s essential for you to have high value treats on standby. You will need more than you think you will need – we go through a lot of treats!

During the shoot

I will acclimatize your dog to the flash/camera and once they are comfortable we’ll go straight into the session. When I am doing close up work with your dog, I will need yourself or a friend to assist by holding the lighting/ strobe (you do not need any experience and full direction will be given). The strobe weights approximately 10lbs, and can get heavy after a while so if you have any concerns about this, please do get in touch to discuss. If you would prefer that we bring in an assistant this can be arranged at additional cost. At any point during the session, if you wanted to take any behind the scenes photos or video we always welcome any footage you can send or tag us in! 

Training and tricks

If you want to incorporate a high five, a treat catch, a roll over, or any other tricks you might like your dog to do feel free to practice in the lead up to the photo-shoot session, these are just for fun if you wanted to try them. 

Extras you might want to bring

Water – there is one location during the shoot where your dog will not have access to water so during the hot summer months, you might want to bring some extra water. During the colder months, you may want to bring a blanket / coat for your dog, particularly if they are small or not winter loving dogs. 

What happens after the shoot, when and how do I get my images?

Within 48 hours after your dog’s photo shoot session you’ll receive a sneak peak preview image on facebook / instagram. Within 5 days I will guide you through an online purchase appointment where you can select prints and product combinations from  a carefully curated online gallery of approximately 20-25 images. Any prints or products ordered will be shipped to you directly from the photo lab within 4 weeks. Full payment for any products/prints will be made at the purchase appointment.


I utilize historic processes to create one of a kind handmade tintype photography. Studio portrait sessions are offered at your location. Each portrait session includes a high-res scanned and varnished tintype.

EVENTS + ON THE ROAD: The tintype studio and darkroom is fully mobile and available to be set up at your next event, pop up, market, or celebration! I am happy to travel so no worries if you are not local. We can offer standard portraits but also welcome collaborations from venues to create a unique, more personalized portrait experience. To inquire about booking an event please reach out to me



(Pricing is per tintype, not per person)

5x7 tintype portrait – $175 (max of 3 people)
3 5x7 tintype portrait package - $500 (must be of the same subject(s)

A $35 deposit is required when booking an appointment, this $35 does count towards the cost of your portrait session

What is a “tin type”?

Tin types come from the historical process Wet plate collodion developed in the 1850s. The process is very handmade and chemically intensive - photographers make their own chemistry for the film (collodion) along with the other 3 steps in the process (developer, fixer and varnish). After the session is over and the photo is fixed each plate is washed and dried, it is coated with a protective layer of varnish and ready to send off to its new home. While the process is fairly lengthy in comparison to modern photography, each image taking 15-20 minutes to create, each tintype is one of a kind and very much worth the wait!

What should I wear?

Due to the historical camera used, all images are flipped horizontally, so it’s not recommended that you wear text unless you’re okay with it appearing backwards. Pattern, textures, accessories and jewelry look great. Solid colors also look lovely. The wet plate process renders colors in a very specific way, reds and greens appear quite dark while blues appear quite light, which is why blue eyes and freckles really pop in contemporary tintypes. If you are concerned about specific outfit ideas or want more details, feel free to shoot me an email!

How long until I get my tintypes?

It is important to know that you will not leave the studio or event with the tintype the same day. We have to process, scan and varnish the plates, which can take up to 48 hours. But worry not, it can be picked up at the studio, or location of event two days later or it will be in the mail to you within the next 5-7 business days for an additional $5 s&h fee and the scan will arrive in your inbox shortly after.

What is included in the purchase of a session?

We offer a variety of portrait packages and tin sizes that include different quantities of tintypes. You receive as many tintypes as selected as well as high-res scans of each final shot. After the shoot, your tintypes are varnished with a lavender gum sandarac varnish, which archaically protects the tintype from scratches and fading.

Can I bring my dog to the event for a portrait?

Pets can be accommodated at events unless it is a specifically scheduled pet portrait day. Due the nature of pets on a case-by-case basis, it can be too difficult to get a nice portraits as they can be a bit wiggly as subjects. These sessions also take a bit longer and cost a bit more. The cost of a pet portrait at an event is $195, and yes, we encourage you to jump in the photo with your furry friend. Please reach out to the studio for updates and to reserve a spot.

Can I order some nice prints of my tintype portrait?

Yes! We offer a full service print studio in a variety of sizes and treatments, retouching is also available. Please email the studio to add prints onto your order.

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